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Welcome to Rose des Pyrénées!


In our restaurant, we offer a varied cuisine combining traditional dishes and international specialties. For groups, we also offer customized menus to satisfy every taste.


Weekly specials :


- Wednesday: Burgers

- Friday: Moules frites (Mussels and fries)

- Sunday: Pizza


*The weekly specials are only available by reservation.


Monthly events :


Every month, join us for a special evening at Rose des Pyrénées. Enjoy an exquisite meal accompanied by music, dancing and a convivial atmosphere.


Regional wine tasting:


Come, discover and taste our selection of regional wines, carefully chosen to accompany your meals and enhance your culinary experience.


We look forward to welcoming you to Rose des Pyrénées to share some festive, gourmet moments!

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8:00 – 10:00


12:00  14:00


19:00  22:00

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